Artengo International – Art Trading, Exhibition and Gallery Organization (hereinafter referred Artengo) provides customers - usually artists, interested people in art, collectors and general art lovers - services for the organization of exhibitions and events. To use the service of Artengo the customer and Artengo agree a service contract in wich is the kind, scope and time of the order / activity essentially descibed. These services has the customer to pay. The costs and fees are depend on the extent and kind of activities and are described in the respective contract.

Conditions, agreements, the kind and extent of services are defined and agreed in principle before activities of the customer or Artengo begin. If new situations or changes happen during a contract, which is an essential change in the conditions and arrangements include, are these renegotiated between the parties. Cost changes are taken into the agreements and, if necessary, also renegotiated. Only after an agreement by mutual agreement, the contract continued.

Services (short overview, further opportunities see §4)

Section 1 - Commission

Artengo receives for the placement of an art exhibition in a gallery, a museum or any other issue a commission fee in the case of consent of an exhibition. The amount of the commission fee depends on the height of the exhibition value. These are usually 4.25% of the exhibition value.

If an art object is sold during an exhibition which Artengo arranged to a gallery, exhibition house, museum, etc., Artengo receives a commission fee of 10% of the retail price of the sold artworks. This also applies for sales of objects of mediated artist in the subsequent 16 weeks after the exhibition is finished. The same applies in the case also if exhibitions (group and solo exhibitions) be held between the same parties at later dates again.

If an art object is sold during an exhibition was organized by Artengo themselves Artengo get 25% commission fee of the retail price. This also applies to sales of the exhibited artist's objects in the subsequent 16 weeks after the end of the exhibition, which are result of the direct or indirect negotiation or are immediately connected to the exhibition. The same applies in the case if exhibitions (group and solo exhibitions) be held between the same parties at later dates again. Organization and structure of exhibitions will be calculated separately as services (see Section 3).

Section 2 - Service Fee

Jobs with little time spent up to a maximum of 9 hours, the hourly rates typically charged. Orders over a period of more than 9 hours to 12 hours, will charged with daily rates. For orders over a longer period and comprehensive volume, such as organization of a complete exhibition, we agre a fixed sum.

The payment for hourly and daily orders will payed in cash immediately upon finished a job by Artengo. For orders over a longer period and larger orders are part of amounts in advance and payments by the client to Artengo in cash or by bank transfer to pay. Upon completion of the contract, the outstanding payment will be payed within a week by bank transfer or in cash.

Commissions will be paid within a week after the adoption of the parties - artists and exhibitors (gallery, museum, etc.) to Artengo. They can be paid either by the artists and / or the exhibitor.

The amount of the rates depends on the current economic situation in their respective countries. They will be negotiate with the customer at the time of contract. Services rendered and sales will payed in Europe in Euros, in North- and South America in U.S. Dollars.

Legal Domicil is the headquarter of the Company Herbert M Ludwig, 66636 Tholey / Theley, Germany; Court of Law / Amtsgericht 66606 St. Wendel, Germany.

Section 3 - Cost Calculations

In a effort to max 9 hours, the actual working time per hour, a half hour up to half or full hour up.

For more than 9h maximum 12 hours per working day will be an agreed daily rate berechntet.

In several contracts will be fixed for the entire contract is agreed.

The commission for the placement of an exhibition is 4.25% of the total issue value.

The commission for the sale of art objects created by galleries, other exhibitors or other intermediaries have been made, is 10% of the final selling price.

The commission on the sale of art objects by the agent / contact or similar production by Artengo between the artist and buyer outside an exhibition is at 10% of the final selling price.

The commission for sales of art objects made during and after the exhibitions were organized Artengo itself amounts to 25% of the final selling price.

Any costs for materials (eg packaging, photo prints, printing, etc.), transportation (car costs, tolls, etc.) and expenses (meals and accommodation costs for several jobs outside a distance of 120 km of the residence of Artengo lie ) are calculated separately and the artist on this matter.

Section 4 - Overview of potential benefits